Airplay auf radioeins

Gute Nachrichten. Am Freitag (12.11.) 23:00 – 01:00 in der Sendung “lost in music” laufen wir bei radioeins… wir freuen uns und sind gespannt auf die Songwahl.


First Review

We have a first review of our Album by the german Fanzine “Alternative Block“.

Have a look and danke Leon for 8/10 points!


Debut-Album “Tales of Transit”

Here it is, our NEW and Debut-Album “Tales of Transit”
Get it here in our Online-Shop or as Download on our Bandcamp-Site.

Debut-Album “Tales of Transit” (2010)
13 Tracks, 44:59min
1. Two years too long
2. Tales of transit 
3. The last chess 
4. A captain’s tale
5. Between my lines
6. From people to statues
7. Hit the road
8. Trials
9. I make a list
10. [...]


New website

Hello and welcome, that’s the NEW Chase the Dragon – Homepage. News, concerts, gossip and whatever, you’ll find it here first. Leave comments, ask questions, feel free, this site is much more interactive than any other before.
And so, even Pope is happy about that

See you soon, Robin + Mathias


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